LUCRO is a new-age accounting and auditing firm that distinguishes itself with a dynamic entrepreneurial mindset. We have a dynamic and inclusive management style and incorporate a high level of technology. Our strong involvement with the professional body ensures that we are continually ahead of constantly changing legislation.

At Lucro we have a vision to grow and evolve with our clients into the future.

Lucro was founded in 1994 and has over the years grown into a boutique professional services firm specialising in the medium to large company market.

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Our offerings include a full range of auditing services. An audit adds credibility as the process is an independent opinion given by a trained professional, who is governed by a strict ethical code. Audited financial statements play a key role in raising finance and capital as it is often not possible to borrow funds without audited financial statements.

Without the reassurance of an auditors report, investors would be nervous of risking their capital.

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Our many years of consulting to businesses together with our formal training and technical knowledge in this area, enable us to advise clients on a wide range of business management issues:

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It is becoming more evident that empowering your business will not only give you a competitive edge but is vital for the future survival of most businesses.

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Do you ask your family and friends for information when making a big decision or before buying a big ticket item?

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30 Waterford Office Park
Waterford Drive
South Africa
Liza Wood / Derek Vogt
Telephone : 011 875 6000
Facsimile : 011 658 1212
Email : info@lucro.co.za
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